Scultura del Taekwondo

On June 2, 2022 WT asked artist Milos Ippoliti to create a sculpture depicting the martial art of Taekwondo

The concept of the sculpture was born from the study of the movements of two athletes

The next step in the study of the concept involved the creation of the clay model.
Photos of the model were shown to Olympic athletes Simone Alessio and Giovanni Botta who posed according to the positions represented in the concept.

Subsequently, the final model was shown at Maestro Park

Thanks to the contributions received from Taekwondo personalities (athletes, teachers, managers) a definitive clay model was developed.
The model was shown to President Angelo Cito who gave some valuable suggestions which were adopted.
The model was subsequently presented to the WT which approved it on 31 October 2022,-altius,-fortius-communiter-statua-di-taekwondo-al-museo-olimpico.html